SANS Technical Fibers, LLC

SANS Technical Fibers LLC produces a broad range of specialty yarns for high specification end-uses. It is a global business and holds leading positions in several targeted niche markets. Nylon 6.6 continuous filament yarns are supplied to a wide range of industrial market:

Sewing threads                                                      Timing belts                                          Military applications

Woven technical fabrics                                        Aeronautical applications                     Tapes, labels, ribbons & webbings

While each product is engineered for a specific range of applications, they all have a number of important physical characteristics in common.  These can be summarized as follows:

High tenacity                                                                                        High modulus or resistance to stretch

Outstanding toughness and impact resistance                                     Good extension and recovery     

Low moisture absorption                                                                     High abrasion resistance

Engineered heat and light stability (depending on requirements)       Excellent chemical resistance especially to alkalis,

Excellent fungal and bacterial resistance.